We are a team of fine art film photographer and event stylist based in Jakarta, Indonesia
specialising in boudoirs, engagements, intimate weddings and special events. 

We are passionate about telling people's stories by designing engaging experiences and capturing the beautiful moments that eventuate throughout. Our aesthetics revolve around classic yet modern and effortless designs that are romantic, elegant and most importantly, honest. We love textures, woods and blooms, creamy whites and neutrals, the sea and warm weathers. 

With these passion and love for fine art film photography and styling, we hope to create an intimate
and personal affair for our clients that they can remember, talk about and cherish forever.




One of my favorite past times have always been going through my grandparent’s cupboards filled with old photographs. It’s like finding treasures of past memories, places and emotions. They become one of the most invaluable reminders of life’s special moments and have inspired me to do photography.

Shooting with film is my absolute passion and I fell in love with it from the moment I developed my first black and white image taken with a second-hand film camera. Apart from the magic that happens in the dark room and the dreamy images you get with film, I love that it allows me to be present in the moment and to put thought into each frame, delicately and consciously crafting the perfect image.

Aside from photography, I get easily excited about anything and everything from beautifully casted shadows by the window, old jazz music, seeing people in love and good food. I love the unexpected, wondering and getting lost in new cities and nothing really beats a beautiful summer evening on the terrace with good company and a glass of wine. 



I am a stylist, who will never admit to be a helpless romantic. I enjoy the arts, green tea anything and beautiful greeneries. I love hunting for exciting food and surprising myself in the unknown when traveling. I am a perfectionist by nature and strive for professionalism.

On top of it all, I love creating a good time for people, whether they are for my clients, or friends and families. In my opinion, a good time is more than just about the gathering of people, but it is about the complete experience that every single attendee receives in that moment - the environment, food, music, ambience and all the other elements essential in an event - coming together to form the most wonderful celebration. To me, being able to bring about such joyous moments for others is one of the pinnacles of my life and the main reason I co-founded Studio June.